Friday, August 8, 2008


Is it really possible to increase the libido with art? Perhaps not, but if the art is seductive enough with its unorthodox designs and spicy images then all things are possible. Clothes off, backlit art on and the heat...well, no worries, the steam will not affect the product!

Buying luxury items like speedy roadsters and designer totes are not the only hot commodities that help bring sexy back. Miami-based art company Vu Unlimited, LLC did not go into business to help improve relationships, but it just so happens that their Backlit Art has been the subject of what sparks up the heat, adds the spice and gears the sex drive to automatic. Backlit Art Vu buyers have proclaimed that wherever they placed their rousing art, whether it’s in the bedroom or the kitchen, that’s where the passion ignited. So move over conch, Backlit Art is the new aphrodisiac!

Customizing art since 2004 for mostly the interior design and hospitality industries including the Loews Hotel Spa in Miami Beach, Vu has recently set up an online store called, making its compelling art ranging from Backlit Art to Coffee Tables available to the general public. The art that gets things heated is now just a click away. Just so you know, this is not your typical poster print that you buy on The price? Let’s just say that the Backlit Art is a more affordable alternative to paying that high-priced sex therapist. Vu has received comments like “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but never new where to find it!” Search no further, the answer is at which will soon light up libidos.

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